Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.        Do I need to buy special pots.

  • No your own regular cooking pots are what you should use. I have used heavy pots and light tramping pots. All work equally well. If your pot has 2 side handles it may not fit into the Heylo bag as well as a one handle pot. In this case put the Heylo bag on its side and slide the pot into the Heylo bag and keep the opening to the side of your pot. Close the bag in the same way.

Q.        What about different sizes.

  • The Heylo bag fits most pots. The biggest pot I have used is a 4 litre pot. If using smaller pots make sure you scrunch the top of the bag up and tie it up with the drawstring ribbon or elastic band. In this way the pot will fit snugly without losing heat.

Q.        How do I heat the bag.

  • The bag doesn’t need heating.  It works by retaining the heat of the pot much the same way a tea cozy works.

Q.        Can I use the bag to do chips.

  • The best way to cook chips is to cook your peeled potatoes in the Heylo bag by bringing them to the boil and simmer for 10 min. Put the pot in the bag and leave for half  an hour. After this time the potatoes are soft without falling to pieces, and then you can use them to make chips. Remember do NOT put a pot of hot oil in the bag as the heat will burn the bag.

Q.        What if I spill food in my bag.

  • Heylo bags are washable. Hand wash and let the water drip out, then roll around in a towel to get rid of excess water. Hang in the sun, fluffing up occasionally.

Q.        Do you have bigger bags.

  • Yes I make bigger bags on request for large scale community cooking and for people who want a larger bag to use for transporting and keeping oven baked casseroles hot. These bigger bags do not have a slot for a handle as larger pots and casseroles generally do not have a single handle.

   Q.        Can I put on oven baked casserole in a Heylo bag for a pot luck dinner?

  • Yes. The Heylo bag works well for taking food to a pot luck dinner. You may want to line the Heylo bag with a tea towel first to keep it clean for presentation. Your dish will remain hot if left in the bag with the sides folded down for serving.    
  •    I do not advise using a Heylo bag for cooking an oven baked casserole. 
  • The  principles, size and oven casserole dishes work in different ways.