Comments from Happy Heylo Bag Users

Hi Tish
Lois here . I Just wanted to let you know we had a highly successful Heylo cooked meal tonight – a rice, fish and vegetable dish that cooked quite beautifully in your Heylo cooker. I was pleasantly surprised also that I could fit my middle sized cast iron casserole dish into it, which can cook enough for three /four people. We’re really impressed! I’m going to try that steam pudding at the weekend. I can see it could be a way of making ‘cakes’ at sea when you don’t want to use too much gas for long cooking times.

Hi, Lois again. More on your Heylo bags:   Last evening I took a Heylo rice based meal up to my friend Lindy who farms 33 cattle up the Enner Glynn valley on her own. The entire farm is steep hillside and she often doesn’t get in from feeding out hay etc till about 8 at night and then has to cook herself a meal. I knew she’d be an instant convert to your Heylo bag and she is! I’ve given her one of my two bags to keep and she’s very chuffed. To my surprise she’d not even heard of haybox cooking which I thought she would have, ‘cos she’s a very eco-inclined person, but anyway, another bag has now found a happy home so I’ll need another for my sister in law before too long!

Thank you so much for introducing us to the Heylo Bag.  Now that we live in a motorhome we had given up the idea of having corned beef for dinner because it used up too much gas to cook.  I can’t believe what a beautiful result we had…and so easy! Will never go back to cooking corned beef the old way. Now onto experimenting with some new recipes.
Amanda and Chris

I absolutely love my Heylo Bag! I live aboard my 30-foot sailboat, with only a small gas cooker, so saving fuel and being able to create space in the galley (kitchen) is of great importance. The Heylo Bag is perfect for both – – I save fuel since the food doesn’t have to cook so long, and I then create more space for myself as I set the Heylo Bag aside, thus being able to put another item on the stove. I highly recommend the Heylo Bag to everyone!Nicole

I don’t know what I would do without mine .. We were away in the camper  for  2 months and it sure saved us on fuel. I would make up a rice & veg meal at lunchtime  which was ready a few hours later when we stopped , then  toss in a tin of tuna and had an easy camp meal .. Wouldn’t leave home without it !!!! Cheers .  J@ckie

 Just out this week ORGANIC NZ magazine.  Heylo bags is one of the “things they like”. Philippa the editor did a trial on a Heylo bag and has published me on the “things we like” page. Thanks Philippa and Organics NZ. (Organic NZ March/ April 2014)

Fabulous for proving bread too. Comes out hotter than when it goes in ! Marion

Hi Tish

I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with my Heylo Bag!  I really love it!  I made my Sausage and Lentil Hotpot put it in the bag and left it just as you suggest.  I was then able to go outside knowing that dinner was cooking and I didn’t have to be in the kitchen keeping an eye on it!  Three hours later it was cooked beautifully and piping hot.  I saved a good 45 minutes worth of gas, there was no steam escaping into the kitchen so no need for the extractor fan and I had time to do other things.  I have cooked rice with excellent results and kept food warm in it.  I think it is a wonderful product.  I love the colour too, it looks like a giant pumpkin sitting on the bench! 

Best wishes     Brenda

Again from Brenda who now has a standard size Heylo bag for everyday use.       

Hi Tish, Just wanted to let you know I am having great success with my new Heylo Bag. I am also using it in the mornings for the porridge, I bring the porridge to the boil, put it in the bag, go out to feed the animals and the porridge is ready when I come back in! I love it!
Best wishes

 I told Peter all about Heylo bags at a recent market.Then to convince him I added that Heylo bags make a great carrier for happy hour drinks including ice. If you have had too much happy hour you need to wear the bag on your head walking home so if you happen to fall down it will help protect your head I added. His comment was “how have I managed to survive for the past 40 years without a Heylo bag. ” We all need a heylo bag  to survive !

Fran  , a great fan of Heylo bags writes:    

I have two Heylo bags, and really appreciate this simple and energy-efficient way of preparing food Only 10 minutes of simmering for pre-soaked chickpeas, then into the bag for 8 hours (maybe less,you can experiment with this).
6-7 minutes for pre-soaked lentils – then 3 hours (roughly) in the bag
5 minutes for presoaked rice – 3 hours in the bag Just bring fruit to the boil and then straight into the bag – let it sit in the bag for a few hours to absorb all the flavors.My electricity bill is much reduced since using these bags Once in the bag, no need to watch the pot in case it boils over/dries out or burns. Having a couple of bags means greater time efficiency……….

Helen believes people with ME/CFS  would benefit greatly from using a Heylo bag.

She writes …

“I like my quinoa, amaranth or buckwheat grains in the morning, but as I started to burn my one-person servings of porridge, I felt increasingly uncomfortable using my stove.

Fortunately a friend told me about the Heylo Bag, which is a heat retention cooking aid, so I went to the Nelson Saturday market to check it out for myself. I was still a bit dubious as I paid the $40 purchase price, knowing that many ‘must-have-energy-saving’ gadgets have ended up in the back of a cupboard, never to see the light of day again. But, after my first try, I was converted.

The Heylo bag, made in Nelson, is an insulated bag that wraps around the cooking pot keeping pot and contents hot. It works well with rice and other foods and the website gives cooking times, uses, recipes and more.

Now, every morning, I heat my porridge to boiling, turn the stove off and snuggle the pot into the Heylo Bag. I then safely multi-task: have a shower, take the dog for a walk or whatever. When I am ready I sit down to a hot breakfast, no more burnt porridge or worries that I might set my house on fire.

Another bonus is the lack of condensation, especially during winter mornings. This one is definitely a keeper and happily lives on my kitchen bench top.”

Thanks  for sharing Helen