A bit about me

tishaboutIn the 70s I trained as a Cordon Bleu chef in Cape Town and London. My career and love of travel took my on many adventures all over the world  and high seas cooking for the rich and famous. Back in Africa  in the 80’s I worked as a safari chef and trained many bush cooks over open fires. I enjoyed 20 years of most amazing adventures and close encounters  in the  wilds of the Okavango Delta.

My life is now in Sunny Nelson. My cooking experience is once again helping me with the development of my new venture of promoting and marketing  my Heylo Bags. 

For many years in Africa I used 2 large heat retention bags as part of my catering  equipment. The concept worked so well that when I arrived in New Zealand I decided to pursue the idea more. The bags I have developed are made with the Kiwi lifestyle in mind. They are small lightweight washable and transportable. Perfect for yachting, motor homes, camping, tramping, and of course also ideal for everyday use at home. Working mothers will find them a great time saving device. The benefits are in saving on power, being able to leave a dish safely cooking while you are out as well as being a nutritious way to cook. Food cooked in Heylo bag cannot burn or dry out .

 I am busy testing recipes and adapting old favorites which Ill be sharing on my blog.  A cook book for Heylo bags is simmering.